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На уничтожение монополии Российских Государственных лотерей и развитие проекта СТОЛ ЛОТО!

Сбор средств:

- на уничтожение лотерейной монополии в России

- продвижение Зарубежных Лотерей в России и странах СНГ

Крупнейший джекпот лотереи Powerball за всю историю мировых лотерей


  • Participate in foreign lotteries online from anywhere in the world, including Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Bulgaria), Kazakhstan, The Republic of Belarus and Russia.
  • Play foreign lotteries and win jackpots can now absolutely all Russian-speaking immigrants in Spain, Greece, the Baltic States.
Stolloto blog about opportunities to participate in honest foreign lotteries online from anywhere in the world. And about falsifications of Russian lotteries.
Big Mega Millions: The Jackpot Has Rolled Up (~$ 202.000.000 USD)!

Big Mega Millions: The Jackpot Has Rolled Up (~202.000.000)!

We know how tiring it can be to wait. Right here, right now is better.

Give yourself a treat! The winner of the today's draw will get $ 202.000.000 USD or 1 of 8 other prizes.

No matter where you are, your game is waiting for you!

Which game are we talking about?!

It's about one of the most important and favorite state games Mega Millions.

Today is the time to try and win this week’s biggest Jackpot in the world!

Be ready for the annual Euromillions Super Draw! Guaranteed Jackpot - €130 000 000!

Be ready for the annual Euromillions Super Draw! Guaranteed Jackpot - €130 000 000!

Who's the boss here? EuroMillions! Why?


Since the 1st of February, the new EuroMillions rules went into effect: a number of changes ensure bigger, more frequent Jackpots (up to 250 million!) and more winners at the Europe’s greatest game.


Tomorrow a special Super Draw will give out an estimated 130M Jackpot!

The Super Draw takes place only a few times each year and there’s already a active media buzz about the huge forthcoming Jackpot!

You just can’t miss it!


EuroMillions is still the world record-breaker for the number of prize divisions: there are 13 of them.

To win the smallest prize, it’s enough to match just two balls.


We do fruitful things even more fruitful! With us, you can get EuroMillions tickets with one line in each of them.

However, you can also uinclde 3, 5 or 20 lines to your ticket — with the 10% take-off!

Amazing Wednesday-there is an occasion! Two Super Draws of two lotteries at once-Euromillions and the Australian Powerball.

Sensational — Two big Super Draws in a week! Euromillions and Powerball Australia

Today is an extremely unconventional Wednesday.

We are announcing two big Super Draws, both will be held this week!

Tomorrow a Super Draw of Powerball Australia will be held.

The guaranteed Jackpot is 60 million Australian dollars!

You have three strong reasons to play the game:

- Amazing winning odds

- Extraordinarily low price per line!

- You shouldn’t pay taxes.

This Friday, the pan-national lottery EuroMillions will hold a Super Draw with a guaranteed minimum Jackpot of € 130 million EU.

By the way, starting from February 1, its Jackpot can roll up to € 250 000 000 instead of the previous maximum of € 190M.

Don’t miss a chance to take part in a super rare draw:

- Secondary prizes are also increased.

- Record in the number of prize divisions: there are 13 of them.

- One line available!

Sweet dreams will come true: let’s play EuroJackpot! € 84 000 000!

Sweet dreams will come true: let’s play EuroJackpot! € 84 000 000!

EuroJackpot was first held in 2012. 8 years is a very small age for official games.

For example, the Spanish game El Gordo has existed since 1763.

However, a young but promising pan-European game quickly won the hearts of millions of players.

Some interesting facts about EuroJackpot:

- EuroJackpot is the "little sister" of another pan-European game EuroMillions. Their rules coincide 95%.

- By the way, the number of prize tiers (12 to be more exact) is also a kind of record. The average game has only 4-6 prize options.

- EuroJackpot draws are held in Helsinki (Finland).

However, the results of the game are calculated and processed in Germany and Denmark. This makes EuroJackpot truly international!

The European lottery EuroJackpot will draw € 84.000.000 EU today!

Make an entry that will make you extremely rich!

Spanish Nacional Lottery San Valentine has one of the best winning odds — 1 in 3!

Spanish Nacional Lottery San Valentine has one of the best winning odds — 1 in 3!

It’s so nice to walk around Madrid. Bright windows, cafes with fragrant pastries...

While walking around the city you can notice something else.

Crowds of people standing in queues in front of small shops and pharmacies whispering: “Where will the fat one fall this year?”

No one is crazy. Spaniards are just purchasing tickets to take part in the national game Lotería Nacional.

The major game prize is called El Gordo, which translates as “the fatty” from Spanish.

Therefore, the Spaniards allegorically ask each other: “Where will the main (fat) prize will be scooped this year?”

San Valentin

February 15, Spanish Nacional Lottery San Valentin will take place.

It’s easy to guess from the name that the draw is devoted to the most romantic holiday in the world, Valentine's Day.

During the draw:

- A prize pool of € 105.000.000 EU

- will be spread 10 guaranteed Jackpots...

- ...each of which is €15.000

- Winning odds are 1 in 3

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