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На уничтожение монополии Российских Государственных лотерей и развитие проекта СТОЛ ЛОТО!

Сбор средств:

- на уничтожение лотерейной монополии в России

- продвижение Зарубежных Лотерей в России и странах СНГ

Крупнейший джекпот лотереи Powerball за всю историю мировых лотерей


  • Participate in foreign lotteries online from anywhere in the world, including Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Bulgaria), Georgia and Russia.
  • Play foreign lotteries and win jackpots can now absolutely all Russian-speaking immigrants in Spain, Greece, the Baltic States.
Stolloto blog about opportunities to participate in honest foreign lotteries online from anywhere in the world. And about falsifications of Russian lotteries.
Today, the wonderful lottery from sunny California will draw a nice amount — $ 66.000.000 usd.

Today, the wonderful lottery from sunny California will draw a nice amount — $ 66.000.000 usd.

Let's look at the world from a different angle! We love the state game Powerball — and it’s definitely worth to be loved!

However, sometimes it’s important to look around and notice that there are other games — fruitful and breathtaking.

We want to remind you of a sublime American game SuperLotto Plus.

We appreciate SuperLotto Plus for its neatness, simplicity, and good odds to hit the Jackpot and other prizes!

Today, the wonderful lottery from sunny California will draw a nice amount — $ 66.000.000 usd.

Hit the Jackpot or one of other eight prizes by playing at an attractive cost (just $2.99 per line!).

Italian Super Lottery SuperEnalotto Will Draw € 198 000 000 Today!

Italian Super Lottery SuperEnalotto Will Draw € 198 000 000 Today!

Italian Lottery SuperEnalotto will draw € 198 100 000 (198 million euro) today!!!

We’re not kidding!

This amount is in the top most massive Jackpots in the history of SuperEnalotto and one of the biggest prizes among European state games ever.

The long-desired draw will take place today.

Perhaps, already tonight the lucky one or the lucky ones will be determined — there can be several winners!

Maybe, Lady Luck is looking for someone who will go to a multimillionaire, not just a millionaire?

We remind you that in the previous draw the winning numbers were 13, 33, 40, 61, 78, 80 and 66.

Which numbers will bring you good luck today?

Take part in the draw on a par with Italian citizens right now!

The Legend returns: 180+ Major Prizes of Loteria de Navidad!

The Legend returns: 180+ Major Prizes of Loteria de Navidad!

Loteria de Navidad is a legend.

This is the most desirable game in the world: people yearn to acquire its tickets half a year before the draw.

This is the most advantageous game: each third ticket of which is winning.

This is the most wonderful game ever. So, we have something special for you.

Loteria de Navidad will be held on Christmas Eve on December 22, but the tickets have been displayed on our site in advance because their number is strictly limited.

We strongly encourage you to acquire tickets of the glorious Spanish game right today.

We have enough of them for you these days! We remind you where the excitement around Loteria de Navidad came from.

This excitement is decent — we understand each single player who wants to get every extra ticket.

Please meet in 2019:

- Prize Pool is 2.300.000.000 eu

- 180+ Jackpots are guaranteed

- Each third ticket is winning

- More than 24 million winners

It’s simple to scoop the Jackpot of this lottery! La Primitiva jackpot - € 28 000 000!

Spain Lottery La Primitiva - easy to win € 28 000 000

Sometimes in everyday life, we lack simplicity.

There is so much noise, advertisements, colorful labels all around – our heads swim because of the abundance of unnecessary information.

The creators of the national La Primitiva adhere to the same philosophy – the game must not detract from the essence by using extra nuances and details.

La Primitiva incorporated these features – it’s simple and clear. Easy to win La Primitiva Jackpot -  € 28 000 000.

It’s right for those players who are clearly focused on winning.

It has easy game matrix and extraordinary winning odds.

Spanish lottery La Primitiva with a simple matrix and a huge jackpot


The Spanish lottery La Primitiva is one of the oldest in the world – it first took place in 1763.

The draw of the amazing lottery takes place every week on Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:30 GMT in Madrid.

La Primitiva Jackpot has reached the record € 100,000,000!

The starting jackpot is as big as € 2,000,000 and goes up with every draw by € 400,000+ if there is no winner in the previous draw.

49 regular balls are drawn in La Primitiva.


Loteria Nacional, the organizer of the Spanish lotteries, loterías y Apuestas del Estado can be found all over Spain.

Using Lotto Agent anyone over 18 years has the ability to participate in the lottery La Primitiva online from all over the world!


The Spanish lottery La Primitiva has 6 prize categories: 3, 4, 5, 5+C, 6, 6+R.

The amount of prizes except for the Jackpot, the amount of which is known in advance is determined individually after each draw depending on the number of winning tickets and the amount of the prize fund.

To get the smallest prize of La Primitiva of prize category "3", it is necessary to match only 3 balls.

5+C — the number of regular balls matched + Complementario.

6+R — the number of regular balls matched + Reintegro.


Among the remaining balls after falling out of the main combination of 6 regular balls, the additional ball Complementario falls out.

In case of coincidence of any five regular numbers and Complementario, the lottery participant receives the second important after the Jackpot prize of the category "5+C".

On the "Results" page of La Primitiva the number of the bonus ball Complementario is indicated in green.


In order to win the Jackpot of La Primitiva (the prize category "6+R") the player needs to match all six winning numbers, thereto the Reintegro number on the ticket must match the Reintegro number drawn.

Reintegro is a randomly generated number in the range from 0 to 9 which is automatically assigned to the ticket of La Primitiva in the official sales point upon purchase (i.e. the player doesn’t pick this number himself).

If the player matches the combination of 6 winning numbers but the Reintegro number on his ticket doesn’t match the Reintegro ball drawn, he gets the prize of the category 6 which is the first large after the Jackpot.

Tickets with matching the Reintegro number will receive € 1.00 compensation per line played regardless of whether they are winning or not.

On the "Results" page of La Primitiva the Reintegro number is indicated in yellow.


All La Primitiva winnings over € 2,500 are subject to federal tax of 20%.

The tax applies to the difference between the amount of the winning and € 2,500.

Lotto Agent does not charge any fees with your winnings either!

You can claim your La Primitiva winning as a one-time, lump-sum cash payment.

The major draw Italian Lottery SuperEnalotto with jackpot € 193 500 000

The major draw Italian Lottery SuperEnalotto with jackpot € 193 500 000

A man with the thinking of the poor is more likely to spend a trifle on a harmful hamburger or a pack of cigarettes, and vice versa – a thinking person tries to invest even such small means so as to obtain benefits.

We believe that you think like a successful person.

Perhaps you don’t have yet what you really dream about: your own business, opportunities, creative fulfillment, freedom...

But today, you have huge chances to win € 193.500.000 in the national game SuperEnalotto.

We are going to help you to win!

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